Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Todays photographs are of the back-to-backs in Birmingham. Here is a view of the restored properties on the corner of Hurst Street and Inge Street. Posted by Hello

The corner shop is a sweet-shop called "Candies". Posted by Hello

Looking along Hurst Street at the shop fronts (and yet another development further down the street!). Posted by Hello

Looking back towards the corner. Posted by Hello

Candies shopfront. Jars of boiled sweets wait to tantalise the taste-buds of passing children, Posted by Hello

No 55, Hurst Street. Posted by Hello

A view of the house-fronts on Inge Street, with an entry. Posted by Hello

I walked through the entry into the court, (as the properties were not yet open to the public, I have to thank a lovely young lady from the National Trust who gave me a mini guided tour after I applied my considerable Brummie charm :-)).
 Posted by Hello

The mangle and the washing. At least it was a sunny day! Posted by Hello

More pictures from the court. Posted by Hello

A corner of the court. Posted by Hello

I was allowed into the house to the right of the entry. Interior photography is not allowed in NT property. Suffice to say the inside was "awesome" and brought back some distant memories.

The Inge Street houses from the court. I was very fortunate to get some photographs before the place was opened to the public, and at least I could take a few shots uncluttered by people. Posted by Hello