Sunday, November 21, 2004

CANAL BOAT LIGHT PARADE, 21st November 2004

Sunday 21st November 2004. This was the day Birmingham switched it's Christmas lights on.. and I will add pictures soon of the lights and the German market. It was also the day when, for the first time, the Canal Boat Light Parade took place. About 20 boats of various types travelled from the NIA to the Mailbox and back again, all covered in seasonal lights and decoration. I took most of my photographs from the Narrowboat Europe. The pictures, as usual are not brilliant but I had a very good time taking them. Enjoy! Posted by Hello

On the way to the canals it is impossible to avoid the Gluhwein stall of the traditional German Christmas market from Frankfurt. More pictures from the market soon. Posted by Hello

A launch decked out as a pirate ship approaches it's mooring before the parade. Posted by Hello

Snowmen? Steph and Caroline from the Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company on the towpath before boarding the Europe. Not sure which is which. They came on board to wave to all the little children.. and big children! And, being that time of year, "The Snowman" is being staged at the Rep soon.Posted by Hello

The NB Europe (a trip-boat of Second City Canal Cruises). My home for the next hour. On board will be the snowmen, musical duo Absolute Strings and Father Christmas. Posted by Hello

The pirate ship in lights. Posted by Hello

Under the first of many bridges as the parade starts. Posted by Hello

Approaching the Malthouse public house. Posted by Hello

Crowds line the towpath outside the ICC. Posted by Hello

Natural life on the canals.. a sun-flower?.. in winter? Posted by Hello

A boat looms from the gloom at the Worcester Bar. Posted by Hello

... a boat of the Sherbourne Wharf trip-boat company. Posted by Hello

Another well-lit boat looms from the gloom. Posted by Hello

On board the Narrow Boat Europe.... Lisa of duo "Absolute Strings" plays the violin while the legs of musical partner Pete dangle down through the hatch as he plays on deck. Just in the top right corner the dangling limbs of Father Christmas can be made out.. please note that this is the GENUINE Father Christmas and any others in stores and grottos around the land are just people in fancy-dress!! Posted by Hello

The girls (sorry snowmen) wave to the crowds on the towpath.. and to me. Posted by Hello

The BBC Radio WM boat the NB St Catherine. (Radio WM is a quality local Radio station). Posted by Hello

Boatmen take their craft back to the starting point. Posted by Hello

The Mailbox shopping mall from the canal. Posted by Hello

The new BBC studios at the Mailbox. Posted by Hello

The Birmingham Big Wheel in front of the ICC. Note the bendy Christmas tree! Posted by Hello

The Birmingham Big Wheel in Centenary Square, the "Rep" is to the left. Posted by Hello