Monday, January 23, 2006


At the request of one of the listers in Canada, I went walkabouts round parts of the Jewelry Quarter. Armed with my trusty cameras and my bus-pass, I started walking down Hockley Street, followed by Spencer Street, Kenyon Street, Caroline Street, St Paul's Square, Cox Street and Livery Street. In terms of finding my target buildings the journey was a failure.. they were either demolished or I couldn't find them, however the back-ways of Birmingham always have something of interest and so for me the journey was worthwhile. While I was there I learned that you should not expect house-numbers to be where you expect them to be, and because of this I will have to go back one day to see if some of my missing buildings may not be missing at all, just "misplaced".
These pictures were taken on 13th December 2005.

A huge pelican watches over the crossroads of Hockley Street and Great Hampton Street.

A view along Spencer Street with the "GPO Tower" in the distance.

Interesting buildings on Spencer Street.

An appropriately named building and one of great importance, but I'm looking for number 19. This search has been complicated by the realization that on some streets the numbering is not the "odds on one side, evens on the other" to which I am accustomed.

No 21 Spencer Street, but I want no 19, should be next door but it appears to have been swallowed up in the factory block

This looks like no 11, I will have to go back and check again!

Caroline Street with Kenyon Street dropping down to the left.

The top of Kenyon Street.

Further down Kenyon Street.

Mary Street.

Looking up Kenyon Street from it's corner with Mary Street. Just to be especially awkward, Kenyon Street is L-shaped.

A door-sign, but we want 44.

Kenyon Street.

No 42 caroline Street, next to a car-park, and a building of some character but not the one we wanted!

We wanted no 39 Caroline Street, but it is now part of the car-park. It would probably have been about where the red car is parked on the left of the picture.

A view along Caroline Street towards St Paul's Square.

The Two Towers.. (groan)

St Paul's Church, a stabilising influence in a very commercial area..

A close-up. Note that the time of day varies according to which aspect of the tower you are viewing.

I was looking for an old building at 47 St Paul's Square, but....

Some of the modern buildings surrounding St Paul's Square, taken from the grounds of St Paul's Church.

There are older buildings to the left of the entry.

The modern flats which occupy most of both sides of Cox Street. One side is Kings Court, the other... wait for it, Queens Court.

Cox Street, corner of Livery Street.

Looking right down Livery Street towards the town centre from the corner of Cox Street .

Opposite the entrance to Cox St, looking right up Livery Street...

And looking left towards city from opposite Cox St., the old Gothic Vaughton Works.

A close-up of the front.

On the right heading down Livery Street.

Down Livery Street, Mary Ann Street(?) to the right.

The entrance to Henrietta Street.

Henrietta Street.

Looking along Henrietta Street.

Livery Street, still towards the city centre.

The Birmingham-Fazeley canal from Livery Street.