Saturday, July 14, 2007

THE VIEWFINDER & FXB - Saturday 14th July 2007

Today was the official opening of the Viewfinder, a project involving the architect with various Sheldon schools... and thus involving my daughter. Although it was supposed to be the opening the weather had not permitted the completion of the project.
This was part of an exhibition called the Festival of Extreme Building (FXB) and todays opening was accompanied by live music, a barbecue and face-painting for the youngsters.

 A board explaining the design and purpose of the Viewfinder.

 The Banner.

An info board for the banner. 

 The Micro-compact Home.

 Info panel for the Micro-compact Home.

 The front door. As a demo home, it's strictly a shoes-off policy.

 The living-room/dining-room/relaxation area. Seating for 4. Out of view above the table is a fold-down bed. The home uses daylight to it's maximum advantage.

 A view through the window looking at "The Circle".

 The kitchen(ette).

 More storage behind the table.

Entertainers in The Circle. 


 The T-House.

Info board for the T-House.