Sunday, April 15, 2007


Nearly 50 Morris-dancing sides descended on Birmingham to provide several hours of traditional entertainment around the city's squares, and quite a lot of unscheduled entertainment in the hostelries as well. The event was organized by the Jockey Morris Men.
The sunny weather was a blessing, and helped to draw the crowds. Everywhere you went around the city centre you were surrounded by the sounds of bells, sticks, clogs and dance tunes. And when I say everywhere...

St Philips Cathedral...

Here are Berkshire Bedlam Morris, see
They travelled from Wokingham for the day.....
.... and were pleased to pose for the camera.
Here are the Eryri Morris from Bethesda, Wales.
Still at the cathedral we have the Windsor Morris.

Victoria Square...

I sneaked away from the cathedral, along Colmore Row and to Victoria Square. Here I disovered the Cardiff Ladies Morris .
They were followed by the Full Moon Morris.
The pubs sell some very strong ale in Birmingham!

Chamberlain Square...

Here are the City Clickers, a clog team from Bristol. See

Central Library...

Even the hallowed halls of Birmingham's Central Library didn't escape the folk presence. The Adlington Morris Men from Cheshire performed the traditional Alderley Mummers Play. Here St George has issues with Colonel Slasher.
The quack doctor tries to revive Colonel Slasher.
Young Ball (the horse) with groom.
A farewell song from the Mummers.
An impromptu photo-call, thanks lads!

Baskerville House, Centenary Square...

I left the library seeking the relative solitude of Centenary Square, and ran into Bedcote Morris.
The passing Red Leicester Morris Men exchange banter with the dancers in pink...
...who are the Bunnies From Hell, well actually from somewhere near Wolverhampton.
More of the Bunnies.

The Rep, Centenary Square...

Not to be outdone, the other end of Centenary Square hosts Old Meg..........
.... and also The Maids of Clifton, see
And finally, before leaving Centenary Square, a dance form the Silurian Border Morrismen from Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Back in Victoria Square...

Before the mayhem of mass Morris, a final display by Earlsdon Morris men.

The Massed Morris Mayhem Magic!

The Jockey Morris Men strut their stuff in front of the Council House. They were one of the host sides.
The Jockey musicians and friends.
Another local side, Black Adder Morris perform in front of the crowds.
Here are Green Man's Morris and Sword Club and yes, they too are a local side.
Dartington Young Morris.
The Glorishears of Brummagem, a ladies side from Birmingham. See
The Glorishears musicians.
Dartington Morris Men. See
Green Man Morris perform a traditional sword-dance, forming the swords into a lock.
A panaromic view of one of the line-ups of massed sides.
Testing the surface of the courtyard outside the Council House.
The Earl of Stamford Morris.
Another panoramic view of the massed sides.
Members of Mucky Mountain Morris reflect on the day's activities.

Meanwhile, back at Chamberlain Square...

Red Leicester Morris Men entertain in front of the Central Library.

A little later, at The Wellington...

The Bunnies have a hop.
A solo spot for one of the Jockey Morris Men as he tries to clear a cobweb off the ceiling.
Musicians of the Bunnies From Hell and Jockey get together for a session.