Sunday, April 22, 2007


On Sunday the 22nd April 2007, over 5000 Scouts from the Birmingham area marched from Five Ways, Edgbaston along Broad Street to Centenary Square to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Scouting Movement. Thousands more people lined the route to cheer them on, They were greeted in Centenary Square by the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Councillor Mike Sharpe and his wife Thelma. Once there the Scouts were treated to a series of mini-gang-shows and lots of free chocolate bars (I had quite a lot myself!). The date was the day before St George's Day, the Scouts' patron saint who turned up in person to lead the parade.

The first of the Scouts start the parade along Broad Street.......
.... followed by a Scots marching band.
The Spitfire Group representing the Scouts of East Birmingham.
The 144th Scouts.
The 298th Scouts from Sheldon, Birmingham.
The band of the Sea Cadets of TS Sutton Coldfield.
The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress greet the Scouts as they arrive at Centenary Square.
St George and his squires join the Mayor and Mayoress to take the salute.
About 5000 Scouts packed into Centenary Square for the finale.
The assembled crowds were treated to three mini Gang-shows to round off the day.