Monday, July 02, 2007

HP SAUCE - Demolition Day 1 - Monday 2nd July 2007.

I arrived at the premises of the HP Sauce factory at lunch-time on D-Day 1. I had expected to see fleets of demolition vehicles entering the site and fleets of rubble-laden lorries departing. However the only indications of the buildings impending demise were safety signs and posters by the contractors. Well it's not their fault it's happening.
Apparently it will take a few months to demolish but I will be there from time to time to keep an eye on things. WATCH THIS SPACE!! (well not actually this space but somewhere on this blog)
Clouds gather over the doomed HP Sauce factory.
Ray Egan aka John Bull stands defiantly in front of the factory gates and still champions the cause. It is hoped that maybe the main HP tower will be left standing as a monument to Birmingham's history.
A panoramic view of the factory while still intact.

In Remembrance...

HP SAUCE - D-Day 5 - Friday 6th July 2007

Well, it's Friday and it's still here. No sign of any demolition crews.

WAFFLE: Even though currently established practices demand that I have a countdown, I am flouting public convention by having a count-UP. Therefore D-Day 19 is the 19th day into the period of demolition (including Sundays). Reason, I don't know when I would be counting down to, (in fact I'm not exactly sure what I am counting up to, except when the job is due to end).