Thursday, November 15, 2007


The welcoming sign in New Street.
We are greeted thirsty (sorry) firstly by the bar serving Gluhwein (mmmmm) and beers. I want to see the rest of the market so I forgo this opportunity.
Gifts including candles and ceramic buildings.
It's the cuddley toys!
Christmas tree baubles.
A friendly wave from the lady at the confections stall... stollen, chocolate and biscuits you could die for.
A variety of gifts including stacking dolls, tea-light bowls and carousels.
More candles and stuff.
The carousel.
Now it's time for some soul-cheering Gluhwein. %-)
The Xmas Pub, complete with moose.
The Floozie in the Jacuzzi watches the activities with interest.
Another food stall and restaurant.
Chocolate delights from Choco-King of Belgium.
Pyramids in all sizes feature among the assortment of decorations for sale.
The Council House in festive mood!
Now it's back to the Gluhwein stall for me...