Saturday, April 26, 2008

St George's Day Celebrations - 26th April 2008

Various activities took place in several places around Birmingham City Centre. But I have just concentrated on a few photographs (and 1 video) of some of the traditional dance events in Chamberlain Square. I say a few, because last year I took hundreds at the Big Birmingham Morris Caper
The weather held as children danced round the maypole and played on a bouncy-dragon.
The day ended in a well-deserved thirst-quenching session at The Wellington.
Pictured above are the Newcastle Kingsmen Sword Dancers.
The Jockey Morris Men in front of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Jockey Morris Men perform their final dance "Bonny Green Garters".
The Earlsdon Morris musicians.
A potential recruit? This young man was dancing away happily.
Afterwards, in The Wellington, "Little Pete" heads to the bar for a half-pint of ale.